Code Editor features question

I'm finding the auto complete feature a bit annoying at times, is there a way to toggle it?
Is there an option so that SmartFTP will keep only one instance of the same file open for editing (and if I reopen the same file, it will just auto switch to the first opened instance)?

The editor is growing on me and I find it extremely useful to have both an FTP program and an editor in one, I hope you will improve the editor in future versions.

>auto complete setting
We will add a setting to the next build. ETA: days

>reuse existing editor
Good idea, we will add this to a future build.

Thanks for your feedback ;-)

Yea no problem. To be more specific I'm using the editor with Unity 3D. (I didn't want to install another editor since all my color settings were already in place here)
And of course I also use it to edit php/js/css and other code files from the server.
It just makes sense to blend in the FTP and text editor, so I'm really glad you've chosen to support such a feature.

Another bug I've found is that when I collapse code blocks and save the file, they all expand again, making the feature useless in a way.
Also if possible it would be nice to have an option for what color the collapsed line segment is.
A pure black line has a really nasty effect on my brain as I'm looking through the code for some reason.

a {...} would be great actually, with a mouse-hover-code-reveal.