Help recovering info after employee leaves

I have left the smartftp program on a computer that is no longer used except to upload information to customers because I don't know their addresses & passwords. is there a way to get this information off of the old computer. I tried the suggested way of upgrading the version and trying to back up the files but it didn't work.

What do you want to do exactly? Move the favorites from one computer to another? Or just recover the password in plaintext?

I would like to recover all of the favorites as I think there's other ftp sites and passwords besides the one I need today.

You can find the favorites in the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites folder.

The SmartFTP program on the old computer will not open unless I renew or purchase. I don't want to do that since I have purchased it for my computer. is there a way of getting the folder without opening the program?

Yes. Just enter the path into address bar of the Windows Explorer.

I got an error message when I entered %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client2.0\Favorites. I found some files but can't see how to import them into my SmartFTP favs. I have them saved on a USB drive. They are XML docs. is that what I need? If it is, how do I add them to my favs?

You can copy the .xml files to the same folder in other computer. But I recommend that you create a subfolder in the Favorites folder.

thanks. i did what you told me and it worked. all ftp addresses and passwords are there. i tried 1 to see if it worked and it did.

thanks again