Scheduled Transfer (Watcher)

Morning All,
I work for a Transport company and we have to upload all our POD (Proof of Delivery) files to a remote server before a cut off time of 12noon.

The way the process use to work was we had our Transport software export all the POD files to a directory on our server and then I had to manually upload all of them using a different FTP Client.

I would like this process to be automated so that the Transport software exports all the POD files to a directory on our local server (as normal) and then use SmartFTP to upload all the files inside that folder (not including the folder), deleting them once uploaded (to stop duplication) and then notify myself by e-mail (ideally) of what was uploaded.

The file types are generally JPG's but sometimes this will differ and the file names are always different.

In addition to the above we also have to upload other information which is extracted in the exact same way, but the files are stored on a different local server and have to be uploaded to a different server.

It would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

I am using the latest version of SmartFTP Professional.


Take a look at the Schedule Folder tutorial at:

Set the operation to Move (from Copy) and check the [x] Do not delete folder option on the Advanced dialog.

Thanks for the information and I have now got it working perfectly.

However, there is one small oversight. In the upload folder there are two folders which I don't want uploading, any ideas how I can exclude these??


Try to use the transfer filters: favorites properties: Transfer->Filters.

Thanks for the information.

Just to take this a stage further.

I would like to create a script so that after the scheduled upload has been completed that information is put into an e-mail and then sent to an e-mail group?

Thanks for your help.

There is currently no easy way to do this. However we plan to release a new version which should make it easier to run a script when a transfer of a group of files completes.

Thankyou for the information.

Do you have an idea when the new release will be scheduled??

Also, now that I have got the Scheduled Transfer working like clock work does SmartFTP have to be kept running or is there some other way to have the Scheduled Transfer working without SmartFTP being open. The reason for asking is because after about 3/4 days of SmartFTP being left open on the server console session it starts to each into the server memory and then SMartFTP just stops responding.

Generally we have no ETA for features. The email notification feature (menu: Tools->Settings, then Queue->Email) that is implemented does not serve your purpose?

SmartFTP needs to be running. Try to close the Remote Browsers (menu: Window: Close All) when SmartFTP is run unattended. The Remote Browser cache all the data when left open.