Extremely slow file browsing since update

Since updating our version of SmartFTP Client yesterday, I've been experiencing excessively slow response times when browsing the image folder on our website. We have around 5200 items so I don’t expect the contents of that folder to be listed instantaneously, however, compared to the previous version, loading a detailed view (not thumbnails - that's on a completely different realm of slow) takes a painfully long time. As a matter of fact, it’s currently 22 minutes and counting just to load the Name, Size, Type & Date Modified information into the left pane of SmartFTP. Info regarding the first several records will load, then the entire main info window goes blank while in the bottom border status area there is the message ‘Searching for items…’ – a few more files will load then the process repeats itself over and over.

Is this to be expected? I’m very inexperienced with FTP processes and software so the only thing I have to compare the new version’s performance to is the older version which did not perform this way at all.

Please let me know if this is normal or if this is atypical.

We need the following to reproduce the problem:
- test account on the server with the exact same directory/files
- detailed step by step instructions on how to reproduce it (or a small video would be even better)
- post your system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information" dialog

Can I send this information to you directly vs. on this forum?

Yes of course :-) Please send it to the support email address.

One more peculiarity - I am unable to disconnect from the server. It does very momentarily then reconnects and continues 'searching for items'.