SFTP download fails "no such file"

When attempting to download from an SFTP account at ExaVault, I can navigate folders fine, but when I go to download a file it instantly gives up and schedules a retry. Here is the log. I have full permission to all files on the account, so I do not believe this is a permissions problem.

[14:38:20] Operation Begin
[14:38:20] Resolving path "/backup/CtApps/CtImport/bin".
[14:38:20] Path successfully resolved to "/backup/CtApps/CtImport/bin".
[14:38:20] Getting attributes of "/backup/CtApps/CtImport/bin/CtImport.exe".
[14:38:20] Attributes successfully obtained.
[14:38:20] Downloading file "/backup/CtApps/CtImport/bin/CtImport.exe".
[14:38:20] Restarting at 0.
[14:38:21] 2 No such file
[14:38:21] 0 bytes transferred. (0 bytes/s) (62 ms)
[14:38:21] Getting attributes of "/backup/CtApps/CtImport/bin/CtImport.exe".
[14:38:21] Attributes successfully obtained.
[14:38:21] Transfer failed.
[14:38:21] Operation End

The server returns the "No such file" error when SmartFTP is requesting the file. I would contact your web hosting provider for assistance.

I discovered that if I change my SmartFTP settings to "SFTP Protocol Version" = 3, then I can download files fine. Do you still think this is related to permissions?

I think it's a bug with the SFTP protocol version (4 or 6) implementation on the server then.

I find that SFTP protocol version 3 and 4 work, while 5 and 6 fail.

On an unrelated note, is there any to have your forum software email me when somebody replies to a thread I started? I couldn't find this in the settings.

"Watch Topic" button at the top right :-)