Non-completing Files

Occasionally I get files that for whatever reason seem to just cut out and display the little snooze icon thing beside the entry. I have retry set to unlimited and this issue only seems to exist with SmartFTP(tested against a few other clients).

In the log:
[01:36:58] 421 Timeout (no operation for 1800 seconds)

[01:36:58] Server closed connection

[01:36:58] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

Double click the file in the transfer queue. A log window opens. Post the log here.

The transfer automatically retries. Please post the complete log after the retry.

It appears to, how often does it retry and how can I change it? I have transfers that are failing and not resuming for 5+ hours(I missed this last one completing as I was out).

By default there are an infinite number of retries. You can change that in the Favorite Properties. Then go to the Connection dialog.

Please post the log of transfers that do not retry.

Maybe it reached the maximum number of retries?

Maybe it reached the maximum number of retries?

For retries -1 is infinite is it not? And that still doesn't address the issue of WHY it's failing on these transfers. There seems to be no common thread, some of the transfers that fail are big, some are small. Is there any way to make it flush failed transfers from the queue so it will at least perform the next scheduled transfer so I don't need to go in and manually remove it?

Yes -1 is infinite.

The transfers fail because of a transfer timeout. Please post the complete log of the transfer so we figure out why the resume doesnt work.

That's all that shows up when I double click the transfer(or the transfer parent), where do I get a more complete log?

Post a screenshot.

And post the system information from the menu: help->About "System Information" dialog.

Will do as soon as it happens again(I accidentally cleared the broken transfer)

>And post the system information from the menu: help->About "System Information" dialog.

Are you able to reproduce the hang? If yes, when does it happen?

It simply seems to happen after having left SmartFTP running for any period of time, it is very reminiscent of the behaviour it exhibits if you run it on a machine using Hibernation. The main window refuses to draw completely(borders show, nothing fills out) and if you force it into the foreground it turns white and fails to respond. This is new behaviour since the last update on Oct 12.

I turned on Logging in General-->Advanced, hopefully the next time this issue comes up I can shed some light on why.

On a sidenote, every time so far it has done this there is listed in the Queue a file that is stuck(like my previous issue), not sure if it's related in some way.

If the connection to the server fails then it is a network issue.

If the connection to the server fails then it is a network issue.

Tested multiple other FTP programs, this issue only seems to exist with SmartFTP, and no issues are readily apparent with the network. This issue has only become apparent since the October 12 update.

Nor does any of this explain why I can't leave SmartFTP running for more than 3-4 hours anymore without it crashing outright(freezes solid, no choice but to kill the process).

I see no indication in the information you have posted that would support that theory.

Despite that at the exact moment that SmartFTP thinks there isn't anything to connect to I can use both abc to connect to the remote machine....

Also, it makes no sense, after the first failure it keeps failing(how can this be? all it takes to fix it is restarting SmartFTP and BAM, it magically works just fine)

It might be a bug in your software firewall or antivirus product.

It might be a bug in your software firewall or antivirus product.

I would suspect this if these slew of new issues weren't just that: NEW. One or two transfers going dead is nothing compared to how bad things are now, SmartFTP was running fine last night, come back now and it's fully locked up and the logs are full of timeouts. Is there a source for the previous build installer so I can test my theory? For the moment I am shutting off my AV/Firewall and windows firewall to see if that helps. For the sake of testing I'm going to put a second machine running SmartFTP doing the same downloads and see if there is a fault with my machine.

After some testing and fiddling there is no change in regards to it dying. However I found something interesting: the GUI freezing up does not prevent it from completing the items in the queue, despite the log reporting that it has failed to connect.

Sorted, unable to connect seems to be an artifact of the newest version + Avast!, the freezing GUI seems to be related to it somehow, I rolled back to the previous build and everything seems just fine, not sure why that would be but it works and that is all that matters.

Thank you for the feedback. If you are looking for a better antivirus product that is free, try Microsoft Security Essentials.