No File Status on Transfer Fail, Does Not Retry

I have set up a recurring, scheduled folder upload to my FTPStream server using SSL Explicit. After a period of time transfer will stop on file, preventing the scheduled upload from continuing.

I have set favorite's properties to enable Force PASV IP mode. Problem still persists.

Only solution I have found is restarting SmartFTP which conflicts with having a recurring, scheduled task.

Version: 4.0.1138.0

File log as follows:

[11:09:24] Operation Begin
[11:09:24] Remote file exist check: "".
[11:09:24] MLST
[11:09:24] 250-Start of list for
[11:09:24] modify=20100921180226;perm=adfrw;size=1510754;type=file;unique=2D9068AU18FB;;UNIX.mode=0664;UNIX.owner=61666; /Data/2010_09_21/Channel01/
[11:09:24] 250 End of list
[11:09:24] Source File: Size=2214960, Time=2010-09-21T18:02:26
[11:09:24] Destination File: Size=1510754, Time=2010-09-21T18:02:26
[11:09:24] RecentTime=2010-09-21T18:09:24
[11:09:24] Rule "IF Destination Time=Equal AND Size=Smaller AND Transfer=No Matter THEN Resume" matched. Action="Resume".
[11:09:24] TYPE I
[11:09:25] 200 Type set to I
[11:09:25] PASV
[11:09:25] 227 Entering Passive Mode (91,197,141,79,217,11).
[11:09:25] Opening data connection to Port: 55563
[11:09:25] REST 1510754
[11:09:25] 350 Restarting at 1510754. Send STORE or RETRIEVE to initiate transfer
[11:09:25] STOR
[11:09:25] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for
[11:09:27] 704206 bytes transferred. (346 KB/s) (00:00:01)
[11:09:27] 226 Transfer complete
[11:09:27] MFMT 20100921180226
[11:09:27] 213 Modify=20100921180226;
[11:09:27] MLST
[11:09:27] 250-Start of list for
[11:09:27] modify=20100921180226;perm=adfrw;size=2214960;type=file;unique=2D9068AU18FB;;UNIX.mode=0664;UNIX.owner=61666; /Data/2010_09_21/Channel01/
[11:09:27] 250 End of list
[11:09:27] Source File Size=2214960, Destination File Size=2214960
[11:09:27] Acquiring file hash lock.
[11:09:27] Calculating remote file hash "" Length=0.
[11:09:27] Timeout dynamically set to 60s.
[11:09:27] XSHA256
[11:09:27] Server closed connection
[11:09:27] Transfer failed.
[11:09:27] Operation End

Has this bug been replicated yet?

We are unable to reproduce it. Do you have the Max Retry in the favorite properties under the Connection dialog set to "-1" (Unlimited)?