Unable to change external file editor

Hello, I've recently updated my SmartFTP installation to the current latest version (4.0.1137.0) and am now no longer able to change the external file editor.
Apparently this is now a feature only available to those with a Pro license. I have the Home license and the option to change it is grayed out. Now what's the point of updating if all it does is block features that were working perfectly before.
I have attached a screenshot so you know which option I'm talking about.


Please explain.

To me it looks that you are able to change the external editor? Or is still the internal editor being used?

I can change the default editor for viewing files, currently Notepad++ which is fine, but not the one for live editing. When I choose edit from a file its context menu, it fires up Notepad, which messes up the code formatting and line breaks etc. so pretty much unusable.

Edit: Whoops, my bad Seems that you can pick the editor in the "Remote edit" pane (doh...)
I changed the interface language back to English. Even though Dutch is my native language I find it easier to find the things I'm looking for in plain ol' English