Transferring Settings


2010-09-20 11:25:24

I have used SmartFTP on one PC for several years (now on Version 3.0). I have recently acquired a new PC and wish to transfer the Settings (i.e. remote log-ins, etc), to the new Version of SmartFTP I just downloaded and installed (Version 4)on the new PC.

I have used the "back-up" capability on the old PC to create a back-up file, and restored that into the new PC, but it does not seem to restore the Settings. Is this a problem with incompatible versions or what?

How do I do resolve this problem?

Roger Lawson


2010-09-20 11:50:58

What operating system is on the old and new computer?


2010-09-20 12:23:13

Both PCs are running XP.


2010-09-20 18:37:46

Install the newest version of SmartFTP on both computers:

Then run SmartFTP on both computers. Close SmartFTP.

Then use the backup tool (Start->All Programs->SmartFTP Client->Tools->Backup) to backup and restore the settings.