Edit opens Microsoft Word on Windows 7 ?

It opens word vs notepad on html. It doesn't work with word. I started doing edit with SmartFTP to avoid the launch of Word. Last night late, I must of spaced the Edit With override and hit Edit by mistake, launching Word with was giving an error. But... I then got into some really weird scenario with multiple SmartFTPs getting started and multiple Word copies launching. eventually out of memory errors. Somewhere in the mess, a zero file was returned to the Server and that took out my home page index.html

From what I can see, I dont have the default editor set to Word. Why is it launching for a SmartFTP edit command? I can provide snipets of setting panels in FTP.

Please help, recovering my home page is a big pain.

Check the Remote Edit settings. By default SmartFTP uses the Windows File associations. Can you reproduce the problem with the multiple instances of Microsoft Word?