Download instantly goes to retry - No such file

I am using SmartFTP Client to download files from my SFTP account at Getting folder/file listings works fine, but each time I try to download a file, the status goes instantly to "retry", and I get errors such as the following in the log on the item in the Transfer Queue:

[15:49:17] Operation Begin
[15:49:17] Resolving host name ""
[15:49:17] Connecting to Port: 22
[15:49:19] SSH-2.0-mod_sftp/0.9.7
[15:49:19] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-2.0-mod_sftp/0.9.7"
[15:49:19] SSH protocol version reply. Client Id: "SSH-2.0-SmartFTP"
[15:49:19] Key Exchange Algorithm: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
[15:49:19] Key exchange completed.
[15:49:19] Host Key Algorithm: ssh-rsa
[15:49:19] Client to Server Encryption: aes256-ctr
[15:49:19] Server to Client Encryption: aes256-ctr
[15:49:19] Session MAC: hmac-sha1
[15:49:19] Client to Server Compression:
[15:49:19] Server to Client Compression:
[15:49:19] Requesting service "ssh-userauth".
[15:49:19] RTT: 59.915 ms
[15:49:19] Authentication request. Method: "none"
[15:49:19] Server supported authentications: publickey,password
[15:49:19] Authentication request. Method: "password"
[15:49:19] User authentication successful.
[15:49:19] SSH session established.
[15:49:19] Connected to
[15:49:19] Detected Server Software: ProFTPD mod_sftp
[15:49:19] Opening channel 0.
[15:49:19] Channel successfully opened (Local=0, Remote=0).
[15:49:19] SFTP protocol version 6
[15:49:19] Sending vendor-id
[15:49:20] Resolving path "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32".
[15:49:20] Path successfully resolved to "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32".
[15:49:20] Getting attributes of "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32/".
[15:49:20] Attributes successfully obtained.
[15:49:20] Downloading file "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32/".
[15:49:20] Restarting at 0.
[15:49:20] 2 No such file
[15:49:20] 0 bytes transferred. (0 bytes/s) (62 ms)
[15:49:20] Getting attributes of "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32/".
[15:49:20] Attributes successfully obtained.
[15:49:20] Transfer failed.
[15:49:20] Operation End

The server says that the file does not exist:
[15:49:20] Downloading file "/backup/DbBackup/Week/32/".
[15:49:20] Restarting at 0.
[15:49:20] 2 No such file

I've seen this exact behavior "file missing error" when you don't have the proper rights to write to that folder. Check your permissions to the destination as well as checking that the source file is present.