Problem With Items Immediately Going To Retry

I have 2 ftp sites on a server just set up. Hosting company opened up firewall for passive ftp.

One site there are no problems with -- when I upload, the item goes into the queue and is immediately processed.
The other site the item goes into queue but immediately goes to retry. It does indeed upload on the retry.
I *believe* I've set up the connections in the same manner in Smart FTP

This is annoying behavior. I have access to the ftp logs on the server. Can you outline the steps I should take to diagnose this?

Thanks for any help you can give, Steph

Install the latest version of SmartFTP:

Then double click the file in the transfer queue which fails to transfer. A window with the transfer log opens. Post the transfer log here.

Thank you, will do.

I did it and immediately saw it was a permissions error on the folder. Problem solved! Thanks, Steph