Windows user profile corrupt

My primary Windows user profile has been corrupted. I can't get in to find out what my SmartFTP license key is. I have lost all my favorites -- help please? It seems that favorites etc would be better associated with machine than user, at least for my case. Maybe there is an option for this, but is it too late now? I cannot even log into the corrupted account.

You can resend your license key at

Unless you have deleted the favorites you should be able to find them in the %appdata%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites folde.r

Thank you for the quick response. My install is in "C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client" and other than some DLLs there is no reference to favorites in this directory, and no subfolders.

%appdata% is not the program files directory. Try C:\users\<user>\appdata\ instead. Or c:\documents and settings\<user>\Appdata\

Oh, gotcha. Unfortunately, there is no app data directory under that user, maybe because the profile got corrupted. So, it looks like I lost all my favorites. Because of this kind of thing, I never store stuff under user profiles if I have the option -- wish I would have looked for a setting in SmartFTP for this!