Transfer action failed

When i using Smart FTP 4.0.1124 downloading file from FileZilla Server version 0.9, the error occurs below lead me could not download the file, how should i do.

[19:17:44] PASV
[19:17:44] 227 Entering Passive Mode (172,16,128,64,9,192)
[19:17:44] 正打开数据连接到 端口: 2496
[19:17:44] REST 3625
[19:17:44] 502 Command REST not allowed by policy.
[19:17:44] MLST DataProvider.vb
[19:17:44] 250-Listing /DnnIntra/App_Code/IFrame/DataProvider.vb
[19:17:45] type=file;size=3947;modify=20100630094741; /DnnIntra/App_Code/IFrame/DataProvider.vb
[19:17:45] 250 End
[19:17:45] Transfer failed.
[19:17:45] Operation End

Try to enable resume (REST) on the server side.

Anything i could do at client hand to avoid client send REST command to server.

Yes. Change the File Exist rules in the Transfer->File Exist dialog in the Favorite Properties.