Queue Download Destination shows "Unknown"

Just updated to 4.0.1124.0 after installation of windows 7 32 bit. When I drag files to local browser and they show in the Queue, they go nowhere. Destination file is listed as [Unknown] C:\folder. I can right click and manually chose destination and folder and it will work. Having had SmartFTP for years, dragging folders to the local browser section has always worked.

Thanks... I downloaded the latest one (thought I had the latest since I just downloaded it earlier in the week) but it works when I drag folders to the local browser in SmartFTP but I can't drag folders to the temporary queue. When I do, nothing shows up.

Confirmed. Will be fixed in the next build (1-2 days).

With the new version, they now show up in the temporary queue but when I copy them over to local browser, in the the Transfer Queue they have [unknown] in front of the destination folders and goes nowhere.

Confirmed. Will be fixed in the next build.