Hi SmartFTP team,
what's a bit bugging me lately is that ... I love monitoring feature, but there are two things (first is probably not as monitor-specific)

1) If I'd want to setup monitoring for already existing folder, I go to respective place in filesytem, stop queue and press upload.
I click Merge and Overwrite.

However not a whole directory is put into queue, rather only all items from it.

Only solution I found is to delete the remote folder every time and reupload (first pass - process and monitor, then change to monitor)

2) Even if set to "monitor" and not "process and monitor", if I go to editor and change anything and save for the first time in current SmartFTP queue run (meaning resets on queue stop or app close),
SF reuploads every file from the monitored folder

I checked Last modification date and it's not that the editor would change it, no content changes
Tried an editor that deals only per-file (not loading all project files) and the same, saving any file from folder for first time results in reuploading everything

I tried to at least set queue item's file_exists to "rules" and it's favourite's file_exists to "use favourite's" and put 'if remote: older, size: equal, transfer: no matter', but it didn't change anything

It's quite painful in cases of folder with like 760 files, the waiting plus I don't want to be flooding the webhosting so much

Thank you!

Use automatic rules instead of Copy&Merge.

Thank you

ad 2, the rule action was 'skip' and I move it to top of other rules