Uploads go into queue with no activity

I purchased 3.0 way back when and have been using SmartFTP ever since, love the tool! Anyway got a new laptop which is Windows XP 64bit and purchased the new version 4.0. The issue Im having is when I select files to upload to any ftp server 99% of the time it gives me the retry message, I have to stop and restart the queue just to get it to upload. I never had this issue with 3.0, it usually is instant. The difference between the systems are the old system is 32 bit and Im on wireless with the laptop and direct connect with old desktop. Is there a new setting on 4.0 that would help resolve this?

Please post the log from the transfer queue. You can get it by double clicking the file in the transfer queue.


[19:22:45] Operation Begin
[19:22:45] Remote file exist check: "test_up.html".
[19:22:45] MLST test_up.html
[19:22:45] Server closed connection
[19:22:45] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[19:22:45] Transfer failed.
[19:22:45] Operation End

On a daily basis I work on around 10-20 different domains and the same issue happens.

Please post the complete log. Transfers are automatically retried.