Unable to connect over SFTP/SSH

I've tried several keys. none seem to work

[14:37:29] SmartFTP v4.0.1092.0
[14:37:29] Resolving host name "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
[14:37:29] Connecting to Port: 22
[14:37:29] SSH-1.99-Server-VII
[14:37:29] Starting SSH session. Remote Id: "SSH-1.99-Server-VII"
[14:37:29] SSH protocol version reply. Client Id: "SSH-2.0-SmartFTP FIPS"
[14:37:29] Key Exchange Algorithm: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
[14:37:41] Key exchange completed.
[14:37:41] Host Key Algorithm: ssh-dss
[14:37:41] Client to Server Encryption: aes128-ctr
[14:37:41] Server to Client Encryption: aes128-ctr
[14:37:41] Session MAC: hmac-sha1
[14:37:41] Client to Server Compression: zlib
[14:37:41] Server to Client Compression: zlib
[14:37:41] Requesting service "ssh-userauth".
[14:37:41] RTT: 48.032 ms
[14:37:41] Authentication request. Method: "publickey"
[14:37:42] Server supported authentications: publickey
[14:37:42] Authentication request. Method: "publickey"
[14:37:42] User authentication failed.
[14:37:42] Client closed the connection.
[14:37:42] Connect failed. Waiting to retry (30s)...
[14:37:47] Aborted by user.

Does it work with another SFTP client?