Icons in taskbar act strange

I'm not sure is this a bug or something on my side, but after upgrading to the latest version icons in taskbar started to act a bit strange, not as usual.

I have Windows 7 and SmartFTP was added permanently to taskbar, so I could access it faster. Before upgrade, when I clicked an icon it became active and remained this way until I closed the program. Now it's different: when I click SmartFTP shortcut in taskbar, a new and empty icon is being created. You may look at the picture below to get the idea:


Is this normal? This is definitely not the default Windows behavior.

I don't see this problem here. Try to uninstall SmartFTP. Then make try to install it again. Maybe this fixes the issue.

Well, reinstalling did help, but... If there's no icon pinned to taskbar and you launch SmartFTP from Programs menu, the icon will be empty as on picture above. When you pin shortcut manually, it'll have icon.

Still not sure if this is my problem or what.
Any way to clear/rebuild icon cache and check this again?