Slow connections


2010-06-24 17:01:20

Hello there, first thnak you for this great ftp client

I used the trial version for 30 days and everything was ok [i have a 20 mb cable speed connection, and i dl big files whit varius workers]

so i decided to buy the home version, but now ... the client start dl okay 500 per worker [5 workers] but after 3 or 4 files downloaded the speed of each worker drops to 9 ~ 25 kb/s
ans sometimes drops to 0kb/s antoher stay in 15.9kb/s, 25.5kb/s, 12.7kb/s, and all the time is there, i like something is capping the speed, and never gets more than that speed.

i have the latest build.

That doesnt happend whit the trial version.

NOTE: if i use another client the server works correctly, ofcourse i need open varius windows etc( i dont like that is cuze i buy smartftp) ... but the speed never drops

NOTE 2: My server is a drftpd so uses PRET and sometimes in the transfer log i get "U are behind a NAT ..."


2010-06-24 17:15:09

SmartFTP typically transfers the files as fast as your connection allows it. Drops in the transfer performance are usually caused by external factors.


2010-06-24 17:25:17

but why that doesnt happen yesterday when my trial was expired and hapends today when i buyed the licence?


2010-06-24 17:31:32

The trial and the "licensed" version have exactly the same code.