Transfer Queue takes 5-60 minutes to start

Hello, i have noticed alot of Transfer queue questions on the board, i am having the same problem, but mine are always occuring. Every transfer halts, my Queue gets stuck with every transfer, and as shown in the tutorial, the start button is not available to use "its greyed out" If i leave the transfer, it can get stuck from 1-5 minutes, or up to 30 - 60 minutes..
Using newest SmartFTP Pro 4.0.1121.0


I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem?

I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem?

All of my transfers from the day i purchased SmartFTP Pro, have stayed in Queue between between 1-2, maybe 5 minutes minutes sometimes, and sometimes won't transfer for 30 minutes or more, and need to be cancelled and redone, and i sometimes must use another FTP client..
Why are they not transferring?

Look at the transfer log and at the status of the items in the transfer queue.