Schedule a Folder Transfer (from a Newbie)

Dear all,

I need to transfer the contents of a folder at a particular time during the weekend. I have to be missing something as I was only able to do this for files.

Can anyone describe the steps to accomplish this without having to set the schedule to each file, which will cause issues when the folder grow in number of files?

Thanks in advanced.

It works exactly the same way. Instead of drag&dropping a file, drag&drop the folder.


I am, as told, a newbie; not an idiot. I am a newbie with SmrtFTP; not IT which I master it for 35+ years. When I come to a forum like this is because I have done everything in my power and have used all resources at hand (including videos and tutorials) and I have not been able to resolve my questions on my own.

I did that; my problem is not to DRAG a file or a folder, my problem is how to schedule the transfer for the whole folder contents and not for each one of the files on it.

As soon as I DRAG the folder, its contents show up in the transfer window ... Can you tell me how to schedule AT ONCE the trasnfer of all the files at the same time and date?



1. Stop the transfer queue
2. Drag&Drop the folder
3. Right-click on the new item in the transfer queue. Select Properties. Go to the Schedule dialog, setup the Triggers
4. Start the Transfer Queue

This is described in the Schedule Transfer tutorial at:


Never mind; I figured it out.

The folder already existed in the destination. Once removed, the transfer shows up as one item, then the schedule is for the folder.



The only additional question is .... How can this be really an unattended operation. The scheduled transfer only runs if SmartFTP is loaded?