Transfer Queue is stuck

All file copies to/from remote site to local computer just sit there in the transfer queue. Must be something simple but the queue is not stopped and the status of pending transfer is "retry". Any suggestions?

Please double click the file that is stuck in the transfer queue. A log window opens. Post the log here. Thanks.

The log says:
[09:04:16] MLST test.html
[09:04:16] 501 test.html: File does not exist No such file or directory
[09:04:16] TYPE I
[09:04:16] 200 Type set to I
[09:04:16] SIZE test.html
[09:04:16] 550 Cannot get file size test.html: No such file or directory
[09:04:16] The operation has been added to the Transfer Queue. Check the Transfer Queue for the status.
[09:04:46] NOOP
[09:04:46] 200 NOOP command successful.

The transfer queue says:
[09:04:17] Operation Begin
[09:04:17] Transfer failed.
[09:04:17] Operation End
[09:04:47] Operation Begin
[09:04:47] Transfer failed.
[09:04:47] Operation End
[09:05:17] Operation Begin
[09:05:17] Transfer failed.
[09:05:17] Operation End

Problem resolved. I downloaded and reinstalled SmartFTP but - get this - the install was unsuccessful. I must have copied enough files to undo whatever was sticking the transfer queue.

Now this is off topic but ALL my installs are unsuccessful because the Windows Installer keeps looking for files on a "network resource" that does not exist. Things are so bad with the Windows Installer that it comes up running on every reboot only to get hung up as mentioned above. It is also impossible to Add/Remove anything - including the Windows Installer itself - because of this hang. Does anybody know anything about clearing out a bad windows installer? I've tried that Windows Installer Cleanup Utility but it fails with the same issue.

This computer came without any Windows CD's so I cannot even try a repair or update. Anybody know anything?


My recommendation would be to reinstall Windows. If you have the chance install Windows 7.