running as service and interactive

I need to run a download every day. I understand how to set that up. I've already got it scheduled and will set up SmartFTP as a service with the scheduler so Smart is sure to be running even after a reboot.

What I need to understand is what happens when I then run Smart in GUI mode. I have a lot of uploading to do about once a month that requires manual set-up and monitoring. The monthly uploads run for more than 48 hours (several hundred thousand little files).

Will the interactive GUI mode interfere with the service mode? Is there a way to use a different transfer q file for the service instance and a temporary q file for the interactive work?

I guess I just need a really thorough explanation of the q files and how they are saved and reused.

Thanks all!

You need to stop the service. Then configure the queue with the GUI. Then start the service again.