Downloading a specific file

Hi Everyone!

Wonder if anyone knows how to do this?

We download a file daily via an automated job. The name of the file changes (actually a new file is added to the directory) each day based on the day of the year. So on January 2 I need to download and on December 31 I need to download, etc. I’m looking for the ability to account for this within the FTP client such that the newest file is downloaded each day.

I understand that this functionality if available in SmartFTP. Where to start?



1. Download and install the SDK from here:

2. Stop the Transfer Queue
Setup a download of a file. A transfer queue item is added to the transfer queue.
Right-click on the transfer queue item and select Properties.
Go to the Script page.

3. Then use the following script which is part of the SDK you have installed in 1:
Dynamic Transfer Queue Item Source Path
Programmatically changes the source path when a specific transfer queue item is processed.
Location: Samples\TransferQueueItem\JScript\DynamicSource.js

4. Now in the Transfer Queue Item - Properties - General dialog, use date/time formatters in the source path. E.g. DD gets replaced by the day of the month.

5. Go to the Transfer Queue Item - Properties - Schedule dialog and setup a recurrent schedule (e.g. every day)

6. Start the Transfer Queue