Little clarification needed about renewing a license


According to the knowledge base :
If you buy the maintenance plan in advance you save 50% per year. The price for a one year maintenance plan is 50% of the license price, or 25% if you buy it in advance.

My professional license is still valid(5 months to go) so my renewing price for one year should be 50*0.25 = $12.5
But it's not when I try to renew, the payment system is asking me $25

Am I missing something ?


In advance means if you buy it with your purchase (at the time of your purchase). For example if you renew for two years now, the first year is 50%, the 2nd is 25%.

I see, you should add this in the knowledge base, buying in advance could very well mean that the renew is done when the license is still valid,
If I knew this I would have bought it when purchasing smartftp...