Monitored Folder Keeps Failing, Retrying


I have a locally monitored folder, that should be uploading its contents to a target (remote) folder when new content appears. Problem is, if the folder name already exists it won't sync up the local folder's contents. This seemed to work fine in older versions:

Where the status would be 'Monitoring' it just keeps saying 'Retry at...'

Here is the snippet when I 'Show Log' of the monitor:

[21:18:12] 257 "/Destination" is current directory.

[21:18:12] MKD Target_Folder

[21:18:12] 550 "Target_Folder": file or directory already exists.

[21:18:12] CWD /Destination/Target_Folder

[21:18:13] 250 CWD command successful. "/Destination/Target_Folder" is current directory.

[21:18:13] PWD

[21:18:13] 257 "/Destination/Target_Folder" is current directory.

[21:18:13] Transfer failed.

[21:18:13] Operation End

Any ideas of what I can change to fix this?


~ Jon

The next build (eta: 1-2 days) fixes the problem. Thank you for reporting.