This should be possible somehow

I am struggling with following situation:
There is a remote folder, which gets constantly filled with all kind of files. These need to be downloaded to one local folder. However only files that are really different and do not yet exist already. If there is a filename collision when a remote file is different from a local file but has the same filename, I want it to be autocamtically be renamed and downloaded. How can this process be done automatically? Manually it is easily possible as this is an option in the file exists dialog then files get entered into the queue. However then it has to be done manually for each file. Thats ridicoulus as SmartFTP has all features built in to do this by himself. It seems that the option RENAME is missing completele in the file exists ruleset dialog

It is currently not possible to do this with the automatic rules.

Thanks for this information. Of course this is not the answer I was hoping for.
I believe my request could be built into it easily as this kind of rename function already exists in SmartFTP. It only has to be implemented as automatic file exist rule as well. I dont see a big issue here.
I really need this function as the current process is VERY time consuming and I dont want to switch over to another FTP programm.