I wonder if I could have some advice please over 2 issues and a question about updates:

1. Recently, when I have upgraded (Windows 7 64 bit) I get Warning 1946. Property "System.AppUserModel.ID" for shortcut "SmartFTP Client.lnk" could not be set as an error message. The Shortcut on the Desktop remains and works, so I am unsure of the problem.

2. SFTPIEContext.exe when I run this I get "Error occurred while copying file Smartftp.html. Cannot copy file to destination directory which appears as C:\Windows\WEB\SmartFTP and will give the same error message for all the files in question. I tried adding the folder SmartFTP but this does not make any difference.

3. I have also noticed that sometimes when upgrading, I have to exit Explorer else a reboot is necessary but sometimes this is unnecessary.

These are not urgent issues at all.

Finally, an excellent FTP application.

Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,


Try to uninstall SmartFTP and remove the shortcuts manually if they are not removed automatically (e.g. from the superbar and the desktop).

I will take a look at this.

A reboot should no longer be necessary on Windows Vista or higher. The Explorer.exe is automatically restarted because it has a dll loaded (shell extension) from SmartFTP.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have just updated again and this time, no error message and no reboot either!

Fantastic support!



Regarding the SFTPIEContext.exe. Try to "Run it as administrator".