Upload freeze with a twist!

Hi...new to the site unexpectedly this morning. I haven't uploaded photos to my site in awhile so this morning I set out to do this. Opened Smart FTP 4.0 as usual and selected 13 photos to upload. They showed up in the queue list but then none of them 'appeared' to be uploading. The program said "not responding' so I closed it. Oddly enough, the files DID upload I found out later. Restarted the 'puter' and the same thing happened again. Files uploaded, but the program didn't show it.

So now every time I try and upload more than one file at a time it freezes and I have to close the program. If I only upload one file it works normally, but I never upload one at a time. The last time I used the program....maybe a month or so ago it did not act this way. The only new program on my computer since then is Quicken 2010 and to my knowledge I have never installed any extensions to the program.

Post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information" dialog.