Issue with backup/restore

Hi there... currently running 4.0.1072.0 on one laptop here, and I will be transferring all my files and work onto a new laptop shortly. I've installed the same version of SmartFTP on the new laptop. I've run the backup tool on the old laptop and used the restore on the new laptop to, what I assume, would be to transfer my favourites, quick connects, layout options etc, but when I start SmartFTP on the new laptop, it acts as if the program was just installed and doesn't appear to have restored anything. All the files ARE present in the Documents and Settings/UserName/SmartFTP/Client 2.0 directories, just they don't appear to be recognised. Any suggestions please?

Install the newest version of SmartFTP on both computers. Then use the backup tool on the old computer to make a backup. Then restore the backup file on the new computer.

I think I was partly looking in the wrong place on SmartFTP, but things seem to be there now. Strange... but cheers, seems to be sorted now.