smartftp as ftp backup solution

i have another question.

I wan´t to use smartftp to backup some FTP Servers.
So i want download all from / recrusiv

But i cant add this into the transfer quee, where i can later configure the timer.

I need a solution for backup some FTP Server, continously


greetings from germany

You cannot "copy" the root folder. You have to select all the items in the list view (right side).

but sometimes i had many files in the Root Folder and i dont want to add all files seperatly.
Is there no other option to do this ?


You can do it, but you need to edit the transfer queue item. Try it this way:

1. Stop the transfer queue
2. Drag&drop any folder from the remote browser to the Local Browser
3. A new item is added to the transfer queue
4. Right-click on the item in the transfer queue, select Properties
5. Change the source path from /folderbaba to /
6. Start the transfer queue