FTP into DMZ

I have a Windows Active Directory network (the inside network) and am adding a DMZ that will have a Windows server in the DMZ. I need to set up an FTP job to monitor a directory on a Windows server on the inside network and move any files with a designated extension from this directory to a directory in the DMZ. The application that creates these files writes them with a temporary extension and then renames the files after they are completely written. This protects the files from being read during the creation process.

I need the same functionality for the FTP process. I need the file move to prevent any application from reading the files while they are being created during the file move process. Can anyone tell me if SmartFTP uses temporary file names or extension during the move and then renames the file after the transfer is complete. Is there some other way to accomplish this with SmartFTP using scripts or some other mechanis/

Thanks for the response. I have done a lot of scripting and will take this approach. Before I started writing, I jus wanted to be sure there was not some option in SmartFTP that would do this without writing scripts.

You would probably have to end up using a small script inside SmartFTP as well, so the cleaner solution would be with a dedicated script in my opinion.