Skip existing directories when using Sync.


A little background info on what I am trying to do:

I have SmartFTP automatically download pictures from my server on a daily basis; the folders are named on the day the pictures were taken:

/Pictures/03042010/(several pictures).jpg
/Pictures/03052010/(several pictures).jpg
/Pictures/03062010/(several pictures).jpg

After the folders are downloaded, I usually delete the pictures inside that are repetitive. When I setup smartftp to automatically download contents of the Pictures folder, it will queue all the directories (within "pictures") and re-download all the deleted files again. Is there anyway to set it up to skip adding the existing directories within "pictures" to the queue if they are in the local folder?

I have already tried applying the transfer rules to skip anything that exists; but that seems to only apply to files; and not the folders.


Hello ..
I don't think that is possible without using the script functionality in SmartFTP.