Ultimate Terminal Questions

I just noticed the Ultimate version. Its neat they added a built in terminal, but unfortunately (for me) at an additional cost. What benefits would it offer over just running xyz next to smartFTP?

I realized that people use this program in their professional jobs and the licensing cost of the software is probably a minuscule amount of money relative to their overall budget/income, but there still is a large population of people who use it to its full extent (SSH features, ect) in non-commercial and educational environments. I myself am a college student with a not very steady income, and I am happy to contribute financially to the developers, but an additional $40 just to get a terminal seems steep for anyone in a similar situation. Are there educational discounts available?

Hello ..

Our terminal supports additional features the product you have mentioned doesn't offer. For example:
- Nicely integrated into SmartFTP. E.g. you can view the files on the server and the terminal side by side
- Tab support
- Text search
- URL detection
- Double buffering to avoid any flickering and generally faster rendering
- SSH authentication with certificates from the Windows cert store
- Support for Smart Card authentication
- Other additional features that will be covered by the 1 year upgrade protection (e.g. commands)

The Terminal feature is the first feature that is part of the Ultimate edition. Telnet and Telnet over SSL will be available in the next 1-2 weeks as well. Other planned features include Amazon S3 support, WebDAV, etc. All planned to be available in the Ultimate edition.

I understand your concerns about the cost. Please contact our sales department and we can work something out.


What benefits would it offer over just running xyz next to smartFTP?
Well, for me, exactly this is a major benefit: Not having to run multiple applications in parallel that do a very similar thing.

I see now. I just noticed that I am able to open terminal sessions with my pro license. I thought that's what ultimate enabled. Now I am all confused If this is the situation now and for the future, I am personally satisfied, as this is a really nice feature.

The feature is free for all users until 31. April 2010.