Multiple Uploads - Can't save and load different profiles

I can not manage multiple profiles in multiple uploads.

I want to create two different profiles, so I can load it every time i need it.

1. I drag local files and remote destinations, then save the profile "First profile.dat"
2. To create a second profile I deleted the local files and remote destinations, drag the new files and the new remote destinations. Click "Save as" and call it "Second profile.dat"

I expect that by clicking on "Open" window will open the different profiles.

Actually it always opens the last saved.

I can not understand what wrong.


1. Add the files to the source/destination
2. Select Save Copy To...
3. Specify filename
4. Empty the source/destination
5. Add the files/folders for your 2nd profile
6. Select Save Copy To...
7. Select 2nd filename

To load the profile, click on Open and select the files you have saved in 3. and 7.

I think you have saved the profiles using the Save As... instead of Save Copy To... function.