Windows 7 Pin to Taskbar

When I pin SmartFTP4 (64bit) to my taskbar in windows 7 professional and then open it, I get a new icon in the taskbar, rather than it being grouped with the pinned item.

Do you mean if you open at least 2 instances of SmartFTP?

No, only opening one instance. Further instances are grouped under the new taskbar icon, but they should appear grouped with the pinned icon.

So you are opening more than 1 instance.

No, only opening one.

I pin it to the taskbar so there is a link to it. I then click on the link and instead of populating the existing icon on the task bar, it creates a new one.

Ah I see. This shouldn't be the case. Are you using the latest version (build 1072)?

Yes, I'm using build 1072...

Confirmed. We are looking into it.

Bug fixed. The bug fix will be included in the next build.

Thank you for reporting ;-)