Overwrite existing File...

Hi All,

Please could someone explain how I would do the following in Layman's terms, Please?

I would like my Smart FTP to overwrite all existing files that I may have on my server, But I would like to be asked before it does it (Ie: XXX File already Exists - do you want to OVERWRITE it?)

I have attached two screenshots of what I currently have. The screen that comes up at present

Copy and Replace is the equivalent to Overwrite




Sorry mb, Would you be kind enough as to delete my posts 3, 4 & 5 Please?

I have attached screenshots of my SmartFTP in post #6,

As you can see from Image 1 - I have no "Copy and Replace" option on there.

Your help would be appreciated.

You cannot overwrite folders, you can only merge them. The file exist rules apply to files only.

Oh, I could have sworn that When I first Purchased SmartFTP, there was an"Overwrite" option?!

There is mention of an Overwrite at the bottom on my "Overwrite 1" Image in post#5. What is that all about please? It mentions that if it is set in "My Favourites" or words to that Effect.

With regards to your post number 6. when you say "You Cannot ovoverwite folders, you can only merge them". Are you saying that If I do a forum Upgrade and when I I have to reupload those new files (Often named the same as what I have got already because of my 'Live' forum, that I am not able to Overwrite my existing folders, and can only merge them? And by doing this, they Will NOT be Overwitten, and that my current info on those existing folders will be lost?

Soryy if this post looks carp, as I cannot not see what I am typing. I only have less than 1 inch of area to type in. I have tried to enlarge the section in which I type, but have failed.

Merge is most likely what you want to do. Overwrite is just the wrong term for folders, because folders are a collection of items. And "overwriting a folder" is confusing, hence we (as well as Microsoft) uses the term Merge instead.

Thanks for your reply.

It's just that in vBulletin.com - they mention and have screenshots of "Overwriting" existing files for Upgrades of the forum.

I will find it and post a link to the section that I am talking about - If you don't mind.

Any Input on the above post . please mb?

Many Thanks.

The article you have pointed out, refers to an old version of product. It does no longer apply.

I beg to differ since I am also having the same questions, with a new version.

Why does SmartFTP insist on creating a "folder (2)" when I just want it to overwrite the folder? It does that even when target folder actually was deleted (as in deleting A in order to copy a new A, the program makes an A(2) ) !?

I can understand your argument, but then again, Microsoft does not sell FTP software, right?
I have been ftp:ing sites and files for 15 years and I bought SmartFTP because I like the interface and the software as a whole. Also I have followed the development a bit and I see it is active, I have used the shareware before, together with xzy and others. None of those have this behaviour by default.

I will keep using Smartftp, have no reason to change it, but I see it as my obligation to point out matters that may be dealt with in future releases.


Technically you cannot overwrite folders, you can only merge folders. In the Confirm for folder replace dialog there are the following options displayed:

- Merge
- Don't merge
- Copy but keep both

What you are concerned about is just one option of the 3 options offered.

The behavior is consistent with Windows Vista and Windows 7, the state of the art operating systems available today.


So what is required to avoid folder creation as posted above?

Do you see the Merge option in the dialog?

Yes I do, but when hitting it it often, not always, does at described creating the A(2) folder.

This should not be the case. If you can reproduce it please post the instructions here. Thanks.

This should not be the case. If you can reproduce it please post the instructions here. Thanks.

I'm getting this issue since I've started using the trial version 10+ days ago.

SmartFTP 4.0.1155.0
Windows XP SP3
Dragging files from explorer to SmartFTP remote window, OR File->Upload->Add Files both create Folders with (2) after them, even though the remote directory is completely empty... very frustrating.

d3ad1ysp0rk: Install the latest version: https://www.smartftp.com/download
Then send step by step instructions on how to reproduce. Include all logs from the remote browser.