Date Modified Incorrect

Using SmartFTP Client v. 4.0.1072.0 Home Edition (Vista Ultimate/PC) -- The display for all "Date Modified" does not reflect the accurate modify date of files. For example, in both the panel which displays files in a given directory a file displays 12/26/2009 4:36pm. When selected, the date modified below the list also reflects this date/time. When the file's properties are displayed (using the menu button) the dialog box displays "Sunday, December 27, 2009 8:36:54 AM" -- which is the *correct* date/time for the file.
The "Date Created" column for the file panel displays nothing for any of the listed files.
What must be done to get the program to properly reflect file date/times? It used to work fine. I look at the file server date/times as well as thos listed in my computer and these are correct. But not in the SmartFTP panel displays which makes it questionable whether the proper files have reached the server!

Thanks for your prompt reply!

When do you anticipate a full build (vs. beta) to be released?

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We do not have any fixed date for the next release. I recommend to use the current beta version.

I'm having the same issue (same OS, etc). Though even logged into the forum, I get a 404 on the BETA .exe link.

Oops...nevermind. I found the BETA release on the downloads page. Thank you! And just for the record, I've found SmartFTP to be lightning fast on Vista. I saw a few posts where users said it was slow, but that hasn't been my experience at all.