Pictures have been blocked...

I need some serious help...

I'm trying to upload a html file. I save it in word as a webpage and I have a picture (.jpg) in the document. Everytime I try to upload the html or any jpg file to my site, an "x" pops up in my image in the upper left side of the image.

A message pops up saying, "some pictures have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer. Open this item to view the pictures."

1. I don't want this security option on. How do I turn it off?

So I need to unblock this feature so the image will show on my webpage...

Please help, thanks

Please post a screenshot with the error message.

I can't attach a file in this reply. I just can't upload any pictures, because that message comes up and it's probably the security settings.

The preview window in SmartFTP does not show the images. This is by design and cannot be changed. To view the page open a browser and browse to your website.

I do that, but in the browser it still doesn't show... It still has the x in the upper left corner. I'm using firefox, is it the browser?

What's the URL of your website?

My guess is one of the following:
- You have not uploaded the images
- The images are in the wrong directory
- The paths to the images in the HTML source is incorrect. Check for upper/lower case.

Do you see the picture? It doesn't' show. Whenever I upload any kind of picture / .jpg, they all look like that.

In the HTML file you can find this line:

<img width=120 height=160
src="AM_files/image003.jpg" align=left hspace=12 alt=hikerr.jpg v:shapes="Picture_x0020_0">

This is the code for the image. So the page expects the image at:

And now I assume you have not uploaded the picture into the AM_files folder on your server.

There isn't an AM_files folder though... It's just one single html file. What do I have to do to make the picture or any jpg file appear on the site?

Create the AM_files folder on your server. Then upload the image file into it.