Can't get php scripts to download - forbidden command argument?


I'm new to this forum, and only use the most basic functions in SmartFTP.

When I try to download files to modify/backup etc, it always refuses to download files that have titles such as:


Basically script files with %^ things in the titles. They sit in the transfer queue and never download. In the log, it says:

[22:14:51] Resolving host name ""
[22:14:51] Connecting to xxxxxxxxxxx Port: 21
[22:14:51] Connected to xxxxxxxxxxxx
[22:14:51] 220 ProFTPD FTP Server ready.
[22:14:51] USER xxxxxxx
[22:14:51] 331 Password required for xxxxxxxxx
[22:14:51] PASS (hidden)
[22:14:51] 230 User xxxxxxxxxx logged in.
[22:14:51] SYST
[22:14:51] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[22:14:51] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[22:14:51] RTT: 16.086 ms
[22:14:51] FEAT
[22:14:51] 211-Features:
[22:14:51] MDTM
[22:14:51] REST STREAM
[22:14:51] SIZE
[22:14:51] 211 End
[22:14:51] PWD
[22:14:51] 257 "/home/mpm" is current directory.
[22:14:51] CWD xxxxxxxx
[22:14:51] 250 CWD command successful
[22:14:51] PWD
[22:14:51] 257 xxxxxxxx" is current directory.
[22:14:51] TYPE I
[22:14:51] 200 Type set to I
[22:14:51] SIZE %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php
[22:14:51] 550 %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php: Forbidden command argument
[22:14:51] File exist check failed. File not found or permission denied.
[22:14:51] PORT 192,168,0,100,10,55
[22:14:51] 200 PORT command successful
[22:14:51] RETR %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php
[22:14:51] 550 %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php: Forbidden command argument
[22:14:51] MDTM %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php
[22:14:51] 550 %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php: Forbidden command argument
[22:14:51] STAT %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php
[22:14:51] 550 %%8A^8AB^8ABA620E%%new_template_found.tpl.php: Forbidden command argument
[22:14:51] Obtaining file information (size/date) from directory listing.
[22:14:51] TYPE A
[22:14:51] 200 Type set to A
[22:14:51] PORT 192,168,0,100,10,57
[22:14:51] 200 PORT command successful
[22:14:51] LIST -aL
[22:14:51] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list
[22:14:51] 300 bytes transferred. (N/A/s) (0 ms)
[22:14:51] 226 Transfer complete.
[22:14:51] Transfer failed.

Would someone be able to tell me what I am doing wrong? Someone else got these files on to the server, and moved them around. Why can't I?!

Many thanks

Your server does not like/accept the filename. Change it to new_template_found.tpl.php for example.

Then try again.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I can't change the file names - there are about 20 of these files similarly named, and they are part of a web site that someone else designed for me - it would screw it all up.

Is there no work around?

You say my 'server' doesn't like it - if I contacted my hosting provider, might they be able to help?

You can contact your web hosting provider but they will tell you the same, namely rename your files.