Updated to 4.0.1052.0 now FTPLib no worky

Hello --
I currently hold a valid license to the professional version of your product. I love SmartFTP and I love how with my license I have indirect access to the FTPLib via the application. As such I've written quite an extensive application that I use to leverage SmartFTP in my backup plan. This was working fine on my Vista 64 (ultimate) machine since I acquired the license (3.x). However, now that I have updated to the newest version I can no longer access any of the COM objects in sfFTPLib. I assumed that your installer registered the necessary COM objects but after looking at it closer it appears that it *may* have but did so in the 32 bit registry? My application is a C# .net 3.0 application and by default is compiling to 64 bit ...when I force it to compile as 32 bit I get other issues which have nothing to do with SmartFTP so I'll omit those.

when attempting to manually register the sfFTPLib.dll in either 32 or 64 bit mode I get an error, so it's not fully registered (I assume it cannot find the appropriate entry point) see attachment.

Also, when running some code against SmartFTP that simply tries to create an object like sfFTPLib.FTPItem I see the following in my debug log:

[ERROR] Exception caught from main. Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {50177264-39E2-43EC-8377-E1A97AB63ED2} failed due to the following error: 80040154.

This also tells me it didn't register correctly on my machine. How can I get the SDK/Library working again on my vista 64 machine so I fix the bug? :-)

The SDK / FTP Library is provided as is with the Professional edition. It means we cannot provide any technical support for Pro license holders. But you can assume that the component works as expected because SmartFTP is using it. If you need technical support for the FTP Library please purchase a license for it.