How I could upload content files to the homepage already published

Hello smartftp Support
My Domain name is :-
The web pages also built through Plesk Site builder and published too, you can visit to see it, but it's empty without content.
Since three months ago I tried to upload these content files to the homepage but I coudn't.The method of my website is affiliate (sell others products and get commission for any sold).content is text files index.html and when these files uploaded to homepage it must replaced by formats index.php. I think you knows.My project has 80 content files
my inquire! I need your assistance to help me solve this issue = upload the content files to homepage = I watch the smartftp toturial and upplies but no result.
While I ask the hosting Support about this issue he/she said that I saw the files uploaded but not able to reach the homepage.
I hope that but I have been grateful if assist me to solve this issue upload content files to homepage through Smartftp.
I welcome of any advice

Id: 400106681

After you have uploaded the files with SmartFTP, do you see the files in the Remote Browser? If yes is the file size correct?