550 File or directory not found.


2009-08-25 01:32:33

on or about August 14th I am unable to upload files. I can download but upload does not work. I upgraded the software the next day still cannot upload files. Please advise on how to resolve this issue. Error message is 550 File or directory not found.

I am having multiple issues now. Program keeps locking up not responding have to close and reopen.

Please help.


2009-08-25 01:39:49

Install the latest version from here:

Then post the log from the transfer queue (not from the remote browser). To get it double click the item in the transfer queue.



2009-08-25 01:42:55

I have already installed the latest version. Do I still need to install it again from the link you provided?

I see there are other folks having the same issue as I am and the response is to check with their web host. This is an issue with this software. I was having no problems and have used this software for many months now. The day before you put out the updated version it started having issues.


2009-08-25 01:46:46

Please follow the instructions in my last email. Thank you.


2009-08-25 01:56:44

[21:55:08] CWD /Joann/Tina/ 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done
[21:55:08] 550 CWD failed. "/Joann/Tina/ 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done": directory not found.
[21:55:08] CWD /Joann/Tina
[21:55:09] 250 CWD successful. "/Joann/Tina" is current directory.
[21:55:09] PWD
[21:55:09] 257 "/Joann/Tina" is current directory.
[21:55:09] MKD 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done
[21:55:09] 550 Directory already exists
[21:55:09] Transfer failed.


2009-08-25 02:01:12

I loaded the software from your link and the log is there. I still cannot upload files.


2009-08-25 02:08:58

It's a bug with the server. Please report the bug to the developer of the server product.


2009-08-25 02:11:44

what server? I did report it to the developer at the server I am trying to upload to. And only I have this issue. They cannot find an issue on the server side. Can you be more specific.


2009-08-25 02:34:52

Contact the developers of the server software. Maybe your server administrator can help you with that.