550 File or directory not found.

on or about August 14th I am unable to upload files. I can download but upload does not work. I upgraded the software the next day still cannot upload files. Please advise on how to resolve this issue. Error message is 550 File or directory not found.

I am having multiple issues now. Program keeps locking up not responding have to close and reopen.

Please help.

Install the latest version from here:

Then post the log from the transfer queue (not from the remote browser). To get it double click the item in the transfer queue.


I have already installed the latest version. Do I still need to install it again from the link you provided?

I see there are other folks having the same issue as I am and the response is to check with their web host. This is an issue with this software. I was having no problems and have used this software for many months now. The day before you put out the updated version it started having issues.

Please follow the instructions in my last email. Thank you.

[21:55:08] CWD /Joann/Tina/ 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done
[21:55:08] 550 CWD failed. "/Joann/Tina/ 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done": directory not found.
[21:55:08] CWD /Joann/Tina
[21:55:09] 250 CWD successful. "/Joann/Tina" is current directory.
[21:55:09] PWD
[21:55:09] 257 "/Joann/Tina" is current directory.
[21:55:09] MKD 08-10 Sanna Kannisto done
[21:55:09] 550 Directory already exists
[21:55:09] Transfer failed.

I loaded the software from your link and the log is there. I still cannot upload files.

It's a bug with the server. Please report the bug to the developer of the server product.

what server? I did report it to the developer at the server I am trying to upload to. And only I have this issue. They cannot find an issue on the server side. Can you be more specific.

Contact the developers of the server software. Maybe your server administrator can help you with that.