Constant Timeout and Editor Crashing


I'm running SmartFTP 3.0 build 1033 and it's been very testy and aggrevating to use. I like the software and best I've used for years, but I didn't have near as many timeout issues with 2.5. I don't know if it's all the stuff added to the new version, or what the cause. It constant looses the connection and keeps saying waiting 30 secs to connect over and over. I tried using the keep-alive and didn't help much but the thing is you shouldn't have to use that. If you click on a folder that is not cahced it should auto reconnect. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Then if I hit the read X to stop trying to reconnect and then hit reconnect sometimes it goes through. Sometimes I close the tab and start a new connection to make it work.
When I get a connect and open a file it says in the queue Retry and then the time. Very irritating. I either have to wait or right click on it and hit process and most of the time it goes through after that. All the constant waiting slows me down.

2nd Issue.
I use NotePad++ and it has been crashing alot lately and I have used that software for a long time as my editor. I like it alot and don't plan to change. Seems like there is compatibiity issues and crashes.

I'm running WinXP Sp3.

Dear Pjack ..

Please install the latest version of SmartfTP:

If you experience any prolems please provide the logs from the transfer queue.