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i am using SmartFTP for a quite long time. Recently I noticed that there seems to be no command-line support (or at least i found nothing like that).

In detail I did like to pass the login information (host, port, username and password) for a FTP Connection to SmartFTP via commandline, because I am using a different software to manage all account information. What I did like to see is, that SmartFTP starts and directly opens an FTP connection with the given parameters.

An example for such an command-line-call:

SmartFTP.exe -host -port 21 -user usernameXY -pass whatEver

Is there something like that? If not, is there any chance to see this in a future version?

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thanks for the help.

I have now developed a small script that makes it possible to open a FTP connection (in the SmartFTP Window) by command line.

You can get it here: Command-Line-Interface for SmartFTP


When I made this script I had the problem that I could not find any method that allows you directly to open a remote connection with FTP login information or with the FavoriteItem Interface. Instead I had to use the "IApplication::NewRemoteBrowser" Method which requires a favorite GUID. So I had to create and save a favorite, open the connection and then delete the favorite.

In my opinion this is quite long-winded. Could you add a function that accepts the FavoriteItem Interface instead of the GUID?

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Ah excellent ;-) Please contact us at

That's the correct way to do it. You always need a favorite.


I noticed that you are using a hardcoded path to the favorites:
' Location for temporary favorit
Dim strFilepath
strFilepath = "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Christian\Anwendungsdaten\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites\" + objFavoriteItem.IdAsString + ".xml"


I have sent you the code + additional info per email.

I have sent you the code + additional info per email.

Thanks. Haven't received the mail yet, but who knows which way the mail takes...

I sent them to your address.

Ah okay. Had a look at every inbox and spam folders except of that adress...

Thanks for your help. I will improve my script according to your ideas.