Deletes local file after upload

I have searched for this but can not find an answer. If I upload a single file the local file gets deleted. It will still show on the local browser until I refresh it.
Here are some details,

windows vista 64 bit
smart ftp version 3.0.1035.0 64 bit
Operating in administrator mode

I will edit a local file with dream weaver, save it then upload it via smart ftp. But then the file locally is gone. Even if I try to do a save as with the file and smart ftp is open I get permission denied. I also get that if I try to download the file back to local. Once I close smart ftp or get it to refresh the local view I can then save as or download it from remote to local.

This is getting old, very old and I do not find any settings to change the behaviour

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm sorry but we are unable to reproduce it.

It deletes the local file when using the transfer button and drag and drop. The only other thing I can think of is I have Dreamweaver CS3 open and the file loaded in it when doing the transfer. I will try doing transfers with the file closed and see what happens.