How do we break the 100K file size limitation for previewing images in the Remote Host Preview Pane?

Is this even possible? Thanks ~ Bamm

Yes of course ;-)
Go to the favorite properties:
1. menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Locate the favorite (look in the Quick Connect folder)
3. Right-click on the favorite and select Properties from the context menu
4. Go to the Transfer dialog

Then increase the "Max File Size" value.


Thanks, Mat! I truly appreciate your quick reply. : )

I could've *sworn* I'd done so previously...(just must've forgotten how).

Another interesting issue that I seem to have stumbled across, & I wonder if you might be able to repeat this anomaly: Use an apostrophe in a remote folder's name, and tell me if your image previews are inoperable as well. I renamed one of mine to remove the apostrophe, and the preview functionality was restored.

At any rate, thank you, very much, for your time, Mat.


I was trying to reproduce the problem with the apostrophe ' but the preview and the thumbnails in the shellvew were both working. Are you able to reproduce this everytime?

Hi, Mat.

Okay. Here's the deal...I just repeated the following on my Windows 7 RC x64 Build 7100, w/ SmartFTP v3.0.1035.0 x64:

  1. SmartFTP will allow naming of new folder to include an apostrophe
  2. SmartFTP will not allow rename of existing folder to include an apostrophe
  3. SmartFTP will not allow preview of any file within any folder that includes an apostrophe

Using my particular example, I created a remote folder named Friends'_Photos.

Granted, mine is probably a rare case, and likely has little relevance to 99.9% of humanity, but I thought you might like to know, just for kicks, if nothin' else.

But quite honestly, however, speaking of kicks, in my most humble of opinions, SmartFTP kicks Major A$$. : )

I was not able to reproduce this on Vista 64-bit. But I will test it again as soon as Windows 7 RTM is released (next week).


Are you telling me that I have to look forward to yet another 60-minute, 3-gig d/l; DVD ISO burn; complete backup, and reload of Redmond's latest monstrosity...?

Thanks for the heads up, my friend. All I can say is that, SmartFTP manages to effectively operate under the auspices of an actual Microsoft beta OS, on this venerable Asus A8V-X w/ Athlon 64 3700+, with yours truly at the helm. Quite an accomplishment in and of itself, if you ask me...



Correct me if I'm wrong but, since I'm a mere "civilian", and neither a Microsoft partner nor OEM, I don't think the RTM will be made available to yours truly.

If you don't mind my asking, my questions to you are these:

  1. Are you an official partner?

    If not, would you happen to be a TechNet Plus subscriber, and if so, would you recommend the service to this overinquisitive technogeek wannabe?

    Do you anticipate RTM as being significantly different/improved versus RC?



We have tested it with the Windows 7 RTM and were not able to reproduce the problem. Are you sure the error does not come from the remote server? Please post the log from the remote browser.

>TechNet Subscription
If you require Windows client/server products worth more than the subscription fee I guess it would make sense.



Sorry about that, you guys. For the life of me, I can no longer repeat the anomaly. I think we can safely attribute this one to “operator error”. Image

Thanks for a fantastic product,
Bamm Image