not seeing all the files on my ftp

my name is Adi, we are using your program to upload files from ftp host in China. My problem is that i created ftp connection and it doesn't show all the folders that this ftp contains. i checked it on explorer and there i saw 11 folder and in smartftp program i saw only 7 folders. what can i do?
im new here so please be gentle.
thanks alot

Please right click on the folder and select "Show Raw Listing" from the context menu. The post the log here and tell us which directories you don't see in SmartFTP.

i wrote the files i cant see:
1.Type=dir;Create=20090604100823;Modify=20090608014443;Perm=elmpc;Win32.ea=0x00000010; ֹֿ÷£ְֺ²©»בׂװֹ«ֱ׀¹ֿמִ¿ - »תµח°²׳°¹₪³ּֽ¼ײ½
2.Type=dir;Create=20090603075120;Modify=20090618070623;Perm=elmpc;Win32.ea=0x00000010; Quotation of Agility Process Equipments Installation£¨¹₪ׂױֹט±¸°²׳°±¨¼׳ֱֺֿ£©
3.e=20090629030936;Modify=20090629030936;Perm=elmpc;Win32.ea=0x00000010; Steel and Glass Curtain Shop Drawings 20090629
4.e=20090515062928;Modify=20090515062929;Perm=elmpc;Win32.ea=0x00000010; Updated Drawings 20090515

Please save the complete file and send it to
Thank you.