VERY new at this...PLEASE help!

As I said, I'm extremely new at this. I designed a web page for my bosses' site using I seem to have done that okay, but now I can't figure out how to "publish" the site, and then after it's published what I'm supposed to use SmartFTP for in order to get it online. Please help...any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

We have gone through the Upload Tutorial and still cant publish our site, Any more suggestions?

Hello hay ..

Please add your license key id to the profile in the forum.

Thank you.

Also having an issue with uploading. Also very new. Have site up, trying to modify. Followed tutorial, and have made changes that I can see when I open web files, they just don't seem to be transferred to website. Any suggestions...?

Check the transfer queue window for the status of your transfers. Is a file stuck there? If yes double click it to get the log. Post the log here.